Polish producer
of leather erotic

WHIPS is a unique erotic collection, created by craftsmen from Wrocław. The history of our plant dates back to 1986. At the beginning, we specialized in the production of leather belts and accessories for the tailoring industry, we co-created collections of leather bags.

Over time, our offer has been expanded to include wallets and jewelry, which we proudly presented at various events. This step led us to create new quality of production in our company and our technological processes have been refined down to the smallest detail. Our cradftsmanship caught the attention of companies from the erotic industry and that’s how our amazing adventure in the erotic products industry began …

We create products
of exceptional quality

One of the foundations of the highest quality of our products is our long-term cooperation with Polish tanneries. It is right there that leather with strictly defined parameters is created and its production process is carefully monitored by a team of experts. Thanks to this, our products are distinguished by the exciting scent of natural leather and are extremely pleasant to the touch, which for BDSM fans is a unique value and additionally stimulates the senses

We cultivate noble, traditional Polish crafts, constantly expanding our knowledge.

We are not afraid
of challenges

Our collection of erotic accessories won the hearts of Polish customers. We listen to your opinions and make every effort to constantly improve our offer. Weconstantly work on new designs and collections to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

We are happy to undertake extraordinary projects and constantly expand our horizons.

We know almost everything about leather products. Let us share this knowledge with you.