Unique leather
erotic accessories ...

WHIPS is a collection of unusual, leather erotic accessories created by craftsmen from Wrocław, available in many sex shops in Poland and around the world.


with a chain with spikes
• with crystals


• for hands • for thighs • for legs
• for legs and hands


• whips • paddles• floggers
• canes • riding crop


• for Him
on the chest and back

We have mastered
Leather craftmanship
to perfection

We create the collection every day in our family workshop. Our production consists of specialized processes developed over the years. Knowledge of the materials means that we provide products of the highest quality.

leather handle

high-quality steel spikes

aesthetic and durable fastening

combining classic cognac
and black leather 

wide range of adjustments


This most important symbol in the BDSM climate requires special attention. We respect the emotional charge of choosing this one and only collar, which is why our collections are so unique and refined in every detail. Modern design with a hint of decadence and classics will be both an elegant decoration and will remind your bottom of who rules here.


The bond between the restrained and restrained person is unique and unbreakable. Just like our handcuffs and couplings. The technologies used by us will provide you with both strong impressions and comfort of use. What Whips has joined together, let no man separate.

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kryształy Swarovskiego

rączka z czarnej skóry

wykończenie rękojeści
z czerwonej skóry

12 skórzanych rzemieni


Are you tired of the riding crops constantly breaking and the whip handles falling off? We too. That is why our “beaters” have undergone strict quality tests in the hands of beautiful Polish Prodommes. Nowhere else will you find carbon fiber or thick tanned leather that will not fray even with heavy use.

Harness for Him

Dresscode at a cinema party is strict? You don’t know what to wear to mark your position? The answer to the difficult issue of fetish fashion for men is our collection of leather harnesses, for which we looked for inspiration in the classic Leather Fashion scene. We have combined simplicity with elegance in such a way that the harness in a subtle way emphasizes your position and style.

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kryształy Swarovskiego